Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academies and Trusts!

Schools, Colleges, Universities, Academies and Trusts!


Did you know your school, college, university, academy or trust could be eligible for a £2500 grant for every electric vehicle charge point you have installed at your premises?


About the grant


In February 2024, the UK Government announced funding of £381 million to help local authorities install more EV charging points. A large amount of this money is earmarked for state-funded schools.


Under the scheme, the government have agreed to cover up to 75% of the cost of buying and installing EV charging points for schools, up to £2,500 per charging point.


The school EV charging grant is open to all state-funded schools including academies, colleges, nurseries and universities.


How your school can benefit


  • Receive a £2500 grant towards the cost of each charge point installed
  • With no upfront cost
  • Bring in substantial revenue to your school or academy.
  • The revenue generated can be re-invested into the school for resources, school trips or whatever you want.
  • Allow staff who can’t charge at home, charge from your school
  • Your school will become a more attractive proposition when hiring new staff


Software & support


  • Allows you to set different tariffs for staff, guests, visitors and public.
  • Gives visibility on ZapMap and Google Maps to help you further monetise your charge points.
  • Generates accurate monthly reports.
  • Allows remote management, diagnostic and repair.
  • 24/7 365 customer service.
  • All solutions are bespoke and fully managed.
  • And all of this with no up front cost!




  • You must have an existing or future need for charging an electric vehicle
  • You must have dedicated off-street parking
  • Your school must be based in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland. Schools in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man are not eligible
  • You must have had a site survey carried out to confirm your school infrastructure can support EV charging
  • You must have received less than £315,000 in minimal financial assistance over the past three years
  • You must be a state-funded education institution. Private schools can apply for funding through the general Workplace Charging Scheme
  • You can up to claim for 40 charging points across all sites, including any applications previously made under the Workplace Charging Scheme. Academy trusts can apply for up to the maximum for each institution within the trust
  • You must use an OZEV-approved installer.



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