Hotels, Golf Clubs and Restaurants

Hotels, Golf Clubs and Restaurants!


Would you like


  1. More footfall?
  2. More membership sales?
  3. More food and drink sales?
  4. More room bookings?
  5. At increased rates?



Did you know you we offer fully funded charging solutions for your business which can generate significant increases in revenue?


Let us, help you, monetise EV charging solutions for your business.


We are EV charging specialists! All we do day in, do out is EV charging, infrastructure and software.


How your Business can benefit


  • Charge points and installations with no upfront cost!
  • Bring in substantial revenue to your business through charging from day one
  • Generate significant income via new memberships, food, drink and merchandise sales.
  • Increase the price of your memberships, food, drink and merchandise sales
  • Allow staff who can’t charge at home, charge from your business
  • Your business will become a more attractive proposition when hiring new staff



Our software



  • Allows you to set different tariffs for staff, guests, visitors and public.
  • Gives visibility on ZapMap and Google Maps which shows drivers who need to charge your charge points!
  • Generates accurate monthly reports.
  • Allows remote management, diagnostic and repair.
  • 24/7 365 customer service.
  • And all of this with no up front cost!



To find out how you can monetise EV charging for your business call us on 0151 515 1239 or email