Easee One

Introducing the Easee One. Beautiful, well made, and cost-effective to install.

Supplied and fitted from as little as £699 or £15.01 per month.

The Easee One is our personal favourite for 2023. Is it easy to use, has a great app, and looks amazing!

Key Features

  • Power output – 7.4kW
  • Untethered – this means your cable is not permanently attached to your charger and can be stored away in your boot or home.
  • Connectivity – Wifi and mobile data.
  • Built in earthing protection – no need for earth rod which means you benefit from a cheaper and cleaner installation.
  • Schedule your charging – choose a time to suit you and your tariff.
  • Remote lock and unlock – lock your charger directly from your app.
  • Real-time status updates – check data such as how much charge your vehicle has and your energy usage.
  • Colours – black, grey, red, white, navy.
  • Great customer service.

Every installation is unique, for a custom made quotation or for further information please contact us on 0151 515 1239, or email us info@bibbyenergysolutions.com